Virtual phone number for call forwarding (Everything you need to know)

 Businesses are finding it simpler to move to the digital arena in today’s digital environment for better lead generation, company development, and rapid connection with clients. YOOTOK offers digital exposure services to help your business expand quicker. Our virtual phone number for call forwarding allows your business to grow digitally.

A virtual phone number is a number that may connect calls anywhere; it is not bound to a specific place and connects to other networks over the internet. Because virtual phone numbers are handy and simple to use, they may be utilized for both personal and corporate purposes.

A virtual phone number allows organizations and people to interact with anybody in the globe at any time since they provide flexible communication choices and a level of anonymity. Therefore, you get to explore your visibility and get more leads in different countries.

What is call forwarding? 

The technique of routing phone calls from one number to another is known as call forwarding or call diversion. This is accomplished by specifying forwarding rules and types. Even if your call representatives are unavailable, you may ensure that calls reach you.

How does it work? 

You may enable your VoIP software to pre-set criteria for when to forward calls, depending on how you wish to use call forwarding. Therefore, this depends on what works best for your schedule. Our call forwarding services are simple and user-friendly, making them suitable for any type of organisation.

What is virtual number call forwarding? 

Whether you have a handy VOIP answering service or are striving to manage receptionist tasks in-house, call forwarding is a vital aspect of your communications strategy. Below are some of the advantages that your company might gain from using services.

Benefits of this service 



In every organisation, providing excellent customer service is critical. To keep customers delighted with your brand, products, and services, it is critical to reply immediately to enquiries, comments, and complaints.

Call forwarding is more than just forwarding calls from your company’s office phone to an employee cell phone. It is always beneficial to improve your visible presence and make things easier for your visitors. Additionally, you can set up various local numbers if you have a single home office but do business around the region. Clients in the nearby county or state do not require a long-distance call.

Business Use

Businesses may make themselves more accessible to clients in other nations. For instance, a business operating in a different country can make use of the numbers to appear trustworthy and drive reliability. Displaying a local phone number on the internet promotes sales and decreases credit card chargebacks. Consultants who work for clients in different countries might have a local number in the customer’s city to make it incredibly easy for the customer to contact them.

Ad tracking

It is feasible to measure how effective each ad is in driving sales by displaying different phone numbers in different commercials. This would put the organization in a better position to generate leads and understand the trends in their respective sectors.

Cutting Costs 

If someone wasn’t in the office, you’d probably get their voicemail before cell phones. As a result, long periods of “voice messages” occur in which two or more parties miss each other and leave a message for each other.

Moreover, Call forwarding enables virtual answering service staff to transfer calls to an employee’s cell phone or home phone. Giving the client rapid support. It is far more user-friendly, and it allows your staff to be available even when they are not physically present at their desks.

Best call forwarding app for virtual phone numbers 

Once you’ve found the functionality and what works best for your company, selecting the proper software isn’t as difficult. This is one of the most popular programs for staying connected on your mobile devices.

virtual number for call forwarding


YOOTOK is a calling software that allows consumers and businesses to interact easily. It is available on both your desktop computer and your mobile device (Android & iOS). We provide numbers in more than 50 countries. A bundle package starts from as little as $10.

How to setup call forwarding with a virtual number 

  • On your home screen, you will notice the “add virtual number” option.
  • Tap the option.
  • You will get a redirect to a new screen. Select “Virtual number only” or “Virtual number” with call forwarding”.
  • Tap on the search icon.
  • Choose your preferred country.
  • Click “Search the number type”.
  • Decide on the type of number that you want ie. Mobile, toll-free, national or geographic.
  • Tap on “select number”.
  • You can then choose which number you prefer from the options given.
  • Once you choose the number, tap “Done”.
  • Add to cart
  • Click on “Checkout”
  • You can now choose your preferred method and pay for your package and virtual number.

Virtual phone number for call forwarding Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is legal to buy a virtual number in all countries and use it anywhere around the world. Additionally, once you get ahold of a number you get ownership of the number and are legally able to operate the number in the said country.

How do I receive a virtual phone call?

People can dial your virtual phone number to reach you just like any other phone number. Therefore, getting a virtual number enables you to receive calls and allows you to get a virtual number for call forwarding.

Where can I buy a virtual number?

Contact YOOTOK for the best prices and virtual number experience.

Who pays for call forwarding  

The charge for the call is paid by the customer whose phone number was transferred, not by the caller whose call was routed.

Where do I find the settings 

Call forwarding setting can be found in your YOOTOK application.

What does call forwading meaning

When you enable redirection on a phone number, you are instructing that all incoming calls to that number be routed to another phone number. Anyone calling your phone will be sent to the forwarding destination number you provide.