Virtual phone number for SMS verification 

Virtual phone number for SMS verification

Regardless of the media used to communicate, virtual numbers have become one of the finest ways to interact among individuals and enterprises as they can be for calls or a virtual phone number for SMS. They are handy, inexpensive, and simple to use. Moreover, they are fast-evolving in the digital sphere such that they work as online verification. 

Moreover, you can use a virtual phone number for SMS and do your online verification without the hassle of using your personal everyday-use phone number. This increases your online security and helps with securing your data.

What is SMS verification? 

Virtual numbers for SMS are a service that offers users text messages with verification codes regardless of where they are in the globe. You may receive SMS online with such a number even if you don’t have a SIM card.

The number allows you to receive SMS messages in order to register in social media, e-mails, and programs, as well as analyze advertising data and SMS-posting history, allowing you to avoid using a real phone number unnecessarily.

When you register for an account on a website or mobile app you must submit your phone number. This will allow you to get a verification code through SMS. When you register using your actual mobile phone number, your personal information becomes public. As a result, it might inconvenient in terms of privacy.

How does SMS-based 2FA work? 

The most common method of 2FA is SMS authentication. Additionally, which is sending a text message or notification to a device to confirm the login is genuine. The SMS message often includes a one-time code that the user must input to validate their identity. Because sim cards are easy to misplace, this method of 2FA is not the most secure, but it is extremely simple for the end-user.

Virtual number for Twitter
Virtual number for Twitter

SMS codes are the most common ways to receive a 2FA message. While mobile devices can be hacked, having an extra method of authentication in place. Even if it isn’t the most secure, it is better to have a solution than have none at all.

Benefits of SMS verification? 

Phone verification through SMS has various advantages. The service is essential for validating your internet accounts. It is a rapid and low-cost method for verifying a phone number. 

Its key benefit is that it is simple to set up and use. If you do not get your verification code, the system will send you another one through email. The system will send a unique code to your confirmed mobile number to verify the sender’s identity.

In this scenario, the SMS authentication solution guarantees great security and privacy. This works for different organisational sizes. Whether a large number of employees from diverse businesses or small businesses. The SMS confirmation service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

You will receive an SMS within a few seconds whenever you need to authenticate your accounts and identity. The free SMS service never shares any personal information with other parties. It provides internet users with a high level of security and privacy. It just delivers free SMS to the customers’ phone numbers.

What is a virtual phone number? 

A virtual phone number is a number that may connect calls to any location; it is not only for a specific location and connects to other networks over the internet. Meaning, you can get a number anywhere in the globe. You have ownership for either phone calls or, you can get a virtual phone number for SMS.

Because virtual phone numbers are handy and simple to use, they work for both personal and corporate purposes. Because they give various communication options and a level of privacy, virtual phone numbers enable businesses and individuals to communicate.

Can virtual numbers receive SMS?

You must validate your cell phone number when signing up for numerous accounts. People wish to obtain a free second Facebook, Telegram, or WhatsApp account for various reasons and virtual numbers allow you.

Additionally, you can use your virtual number for SMS verification that can assist with your account registration and to register an email address. The process of phone verification by SMS also helps mitigate the risks of fraud. 

How to get a virtual number for SMS verification 

  • On your home screen, you will notice the “add virtual number” option.
  • Tap the option.
  • You will get a redirect to a new screen. Select “Virtual number only” or “Virtual number” with call forwarding”.
  • Tap on the search icon.
  • Choose your preferred country.
  • Click “Search the number type”.
  • Decide on the type of number that you want ie. Mobile, toll-free, national or geographic.
  • Tap on “select number”.
  • You can then choose which number you prefer from the options given.
  • Once you choose the number, tap “Done”.
  • Add to cart
  • Click on “Checkout”
  • You can now choose your preferred method and pay for your package and virtual number.


How do I receive a virtual phone call?

People can dial your virtual phone number to reach you just like any other phone number.

Where can I buy a virtual number?

Contact YOOTOK for the best prices and virtual number experience.